Why does culture encourage people to harass women? A Man’s Perspective

1. You don’t get it. There’s no practical way to prevent this, though many people feel they are unfairly motivated to do so. The insults and negative statements happen. These girls accept/accept this behavior by “ignoring” things. On the other hand, girls know that, whatever their intellect, energy, spirit, wit, or talent, they are the subordinate. Subsequently, these girls (now women) can end up internalizing and justifying the behavior.

2. They ‘re struggling against it. They stand up, but so often this is a way for women to embrace their male side too much — and their female part becomes unbalanced… They fight and sacrifice their pity, their empathy, and their support unintentionally. They fight. It’s also understood that all men are bad and in severe circumstances — with ample damage — these girls get hated as adults by men.

3. You ‘re adjusting it. As girls become more social, they learn to use their smart skills to negotiate their situation, or (later) to use their sexuality to feel loved, rather than being abused, and worthless. Instead, it is easy to find a way to help. Through the use of sensuality, many women learn that promiscuity can produce feelings of desire/desire… but not long-term respect.

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