Why does culture encourage people to harass women? A Man’s Perspective

Charles Orlando states that violence against women is not masculine natural, but instead taught.

Unfortunately, violence against women is worldwide and cross-cultural all over the world. The nightly news stories on mental, physical, sexual assault. Even while we know it’s not right, we are desensitized by messages that violence against women is just part of the way of life. We offer less weight to the headlines and news accounts, often even to the victims. This is what society, men, and women themselves have allowed and monstrously promoted in so many ways. The worst thing is that most people do not know.

We must look at men and women before they grow up to get an understanding of where this change in attitude takes place; before they form their opinions and views about male/ female relationships.

Influence in culture

The harmful attitude begins early and is silently encouraged. Alongside the highly individual and influential family environment, a lot of the problem begins as young children move out into society: elementary school. In this context, children become familiar. Boys and girls try to find their way through male / female dynamics when they’re not mature enough to see the sensations as a romantic interest. They play hunting and dressing up on a playground; they try to capture each other, innocently imitating the later on courtship behavior. But stuff isn’t always that sweet and cuddly. Give our young heroes some time and you can see boys displaying their characteristics of strength and superiority, packed with testosterone. They will become physical: push girls to provoke them, hit them to conquer them, tease them verbally with insults, and mentally dominate them to show how much they control their domain. And one of the three ways girls begin:

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