What you need to know about Lightworker Syndrome

This is when one wakes up to a higher level of consciousness, but can not figure out how to live purposely and feed themselves simultaneously.

These people have a lot of difficulty remaining connected to higher consciousness levels while remaining firmly grounded in the physical world. Many of them are so frustrated that they have been depressed and have feelings that they want to give up and just go home.

Spiritual Connectedness Vs. Physical Groundedness

These troubled lightworkers often feel obliged to compromise, whether they remain connected and completely underground or lose the connection higher and become grounded. But that’s a tough compromise, so many oscillate back and forth, and they never know what the right way forward is.

Thus, these lightworkers do not enjoy empty work but pay OK, or they do purpose-centered work, which pays little. Either their purpose or their income is sacrificed since it is very, very difficult to meet both. This decision, however, has a long-term impact. It is difficult to remain purposeful if you worry about paying rent and if your work doesn’t inspire you, it is difficult to generate good income.

The true trap is one’s own belief. It’s a mistake to think that what you love can’t attract plenty of resources. It is also an error to believe that remaining broken is the best method to help others. Many lightworkers are so sensitive to sacrificing their purpose to money that it seems better for them to have no money at all… or just enough to get through.

As in other light-workers, I have a strong reticence-and I really would call it a total disgust-about violating my values for generating income, and I am extremely sensitive to the notion of making money the “bad way.” But when you have to pay the rent or lose your home, it’s hard to maintain your integrity because you’re going to lower your vibration under stress and reduce your awareness. You actually become another person. Those become your priority if your survival and stability are threatened.

I wasn’t in this situation fortunately for a long time but I sure know how it is. When you are behind you on rental and in debt, you find a three-day pay-or-quit note taped at the door in your apartment, it is pretty darn to think about service to others.

I won’t tell you that the answer is to choose between your higher connection and your basics. The answer is that you need both, as you can probably guess. But until you know why you don’t already have both, you won’t be able to get there.

Fearing Your Own Power

The reason why you can not stay with Source AND remain grounded simultaneously is that you fear what it means if you succeed. I don’t agree with that statement a few years ago, but please keep an open mind while explaining why. There’s a good chance that you don’t accept it. First, you can stay connected with the Source and simultaneously be grounded. It’s not just a new concept of age— it’s really convenient.

On the one hand, I have my purpose, spiritual faiths and a sense of relationship with all. I am motivated to serve and help people for the whole day when I resonate with those thoughts. I live in the physical world too, on the other hand. In practical terms, this means I need an income. I must meet the basic needs of myself and my family. So if it means I have not a place to live, I can’t be too airy and fairy. I must remain grounded properly.

Connectedness + Groundedness = Synergy

These two sides are not in real conflict at their core. They might be various energies, but intrinsically they are not opposite. They actually help each other. Spiritual motivation is steadfast. I’m driven when I feel connected. I am very passionate. I am passionate about. I am energized. And I’m pacified, too. This is a powerful motivation to do some kind of work— work that can help me build up simply by generating income. And on the other hand, I have more freedom when I am more grounded, physically and financially stable.

I got a bigger ability. I’m not worried about bills payment. And that is the spiritual side because I can spend more time on spiritual pursuits. Thus these two energies complement each other naturally. They work synergistically if they work together. Verily, I can tell you that I feel this as my normal state in my life. I feel that I have a great balance between the physical and conscious connection. I’m looking after the two sides.

What Will Happen If You Succeed?

It may sound a bit weird now, but it was not as balanced for me as I probably just sounded. I know that many people who won’t be lightworkers are concerned that they can’t live for their purpose. However, I didn’t have that issue. I felt comfortable that somehow I could make a living in it. What really stopped me was whether I felt comfortable to do it. My true fear was: What if it works, what will happen? What if I’m successful?

I began recognizing this same pattern in other lightworkers only after I reached a steady balance between connectivity and grounding. In the beginning, I thought it was unique to me, but I did not. All over now, I see the same pattern. I invariably see an underlying fear of success whenever I see a broken lightworker. If I deal with the person, they usually resist the notion I understand fully, but the pattern is so strong that it’s indiscriminate once you see it.

The real barrier to the balance of connectivity is your limiting beliefs of what will happen after you get this balance. What happens when you honor the purpose of your life and make more than enough money to do it for the rest of your life?

Well, I can tell you what’s going to happen because I turned the page already. Here’s what is probably going to happen. In a big way, you’ll be successful. It creates a positive spiral when you do what you love and generate a lot of income. These two sides are mutually supportive. Your goal leads to actions, your actions lead to results, and your results generate income. For your purpose, your earnings give you more freedom and more fuel. And all that continues just because it’s a stable pattern once accomplished.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It could sound like something good. And it’s a good thing, indeed. But I am sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Great responsibility comes with great power,” and that’s precisely what Lightworker syndrome patients most fear. They fear they will have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders if they succeed.

This fear kills their revenue. It’s best to help more people to increase your revenue. It’s not so hard to do in practice–IF your faith will let you do so. I was led to build so much Web traffic by my desire to reach and help more people. I have met a large number of lightworkers who can bring real value to others, but they do so very narrowly. The usual answer is resistance and excuse-making when I put out a few simple suggestions on how they could quite easily twice the amount of persons (or more) they aid (without having worked harder or longer). But I can see in their eyes the real answer–they are afraid what will happen if they succeed indeed. Therefore, they maintain themselves in a position to maintain the status quo just enough, but not sufficient to go forward. And if they make a lot of money somehow, they’ll be so busy that they won’t have time to think seriously about their real purpose.

Overcoming fear of responsibility

For many years I ran this precise pattern. The only way I escaped was to face these fears straight away. I acknowledged that I had much better internal resources, but I held back. I did not do my best, I knew, but why not? Why not? Because I was not willing to accept the effects of doing my best, I haven’t done my best.

I would have a bigger impact if I really did my best. I would draw many people to me. I would draw me many people. I would end up with a lot of accountability. Fearful.

But, until I overcame my fear of success, I couldn’t take that motivation. First, I had to accept that I would end up with much more responsibility if I did my best and succeeded. For that scenario I had to become a “vibratory match;” otherwise I could never attract and keep that match.

These tough questions I had to answer: Who am I to influence thousands of people every day while I sleep? Who should I tell people how their lives can be improved? Who should I try to change?

Unconsciously, I could not answer these questions, and so for years, as a seemingly satisfied computer game developer, I maintained my status quo. I’d occasionally report on them, however, but the underlying fear of success did not suffice to get me over.

Position Vs. Power

Finally, when I saw the situation from a different perspective, I was able to break that pattern. I thought about the idea: “Great responsibility comes with great power” and I noticed that my power would increase if I did my best. I thought it would be a big responsibility. I’ve equated power with a position, in other words. As my position grew, my power… and my responsibility would grow.

I had a revelation at that point, which threw me for a loop. What if the position didn’t give power? Doesn’t that mean, if I have the potential to reach a larger position, but I don’t follow it? It doesn’t mean I’m powerless if I’m not exercising my power. It simply means that I’m not working.

I was thinking, “Crap! I thought I was staying away from power (and therefore responsibility) by refusing to act all this time. However, everything I really do is give up control. If I have the potential, then I have the capacity, which also means that I have the responsibility, whether or not I act upon it.

I had an epiphany at that time. I realized that by failing to act, I can never escape responsibility. Control was the only thing I could escape. That is why I say, but never responsibility, that you can give up control. Accountability is a fact.

This realization kicked me in my self-indulgence. Although I felt like I was relatively unpowerful outside, I finally accepted my inner strength at that moment. This included taking responsibility for this authority. And, by the Law of Attraction, it was only a question of time before the outer world reflected that inner power once I resonated.

Responsibility Is A Privilege

This process of thinking took me out of my ego and my fear of success. When I became aware that no matter how my external position looked, I could not escape any responsibility, it made sense simply to accept it. In the future, my fear wasn’t far away— it’s already here and now.

You see… even though my external position seems to be burdened more than yours by responsibility, you are indeed as responsible as I. And that’s because, just as I do, you have great inner power. Perhaps you have accepted it and perhaps you have not, but there is power and there is an inevitable liability for it.

Even if we probably never met, right now I feel a deep sense of responsibility. I feel honored to do my best, because I can, in order to help you grow. My position may seem to give me the power to do so, but that’s not true. Power isn’t coming out of position. The position is powerful. I must help you to grow because I have the power to help you. You may not accept my help, but I feel no less responsible for you. I feel everybody’s accountable.

However, this sense of responsibility is not the burden I once feared. Responsibility was a privilege when I took my inner power. Every day, even while I’m dormant, I’m truly grateful to help so many people.

Overcoming Lightworker Syndrome

So what has all this to do with overcoming the Lightworker Syndrome overcoming? It is a lack of acceptance of the power of the Lightworker. The apparent conflict between link to the Source and foundation in physical reality is manifested by this absence of acceptance. Outside, like inside. In your outer reality, your inner conflict manifests. In reality, you just get what you want. You are afraid of your true power, so you want it to be silent. This shows an endless series of distractions that keep you worried enough not to think about what you’re doing — being small because you fear overly much responsibility.

Right now, I have a lot of compassion for you if you know that you’re under Lightworker Syndrome. I know how hard it is after I have passed by it myself. But you must recognize that at the same level of thinking you will never solve this problem. You realize that you manifest the annoying health problems, the “unanticipated” financial crisis that suddenly eliminates your savings only when you begin to move forward, the unsatisfactory relationship, etc. It’s all because you resonate with fear— it’s a giant distraction. You can hack everything you want on branches, but only your wheels will spin. Whenever you are ready you have the power to stop and turn off small problems but once you do that, you have to deal with the real problem of why you are here. You have to deal with the real problem. You know this is the truth deep down, don’t you?

I finally surrendered and said, “It is enough already! The biggest turning point for me. I’m finished with small living. One pointless crisis after the other, I am tired of handling it. That’s not what I’ve come to do, I know. I don’t know whether I can handle the events if I use my real potential, but without knowing, I can’t accept to go all my life. I’m going to go for it, therefore. When I’m broke, I’m going to break. But the universe had damned myself much better if I go on this road in good faith.

I must pay tribute to that decision for the results of the past two years. That’s what Lightworker Syndrome cured me of. Once I had experienced the inner change, I entered this positive spiral, which was wonderfully supported by my connection and grounding. It only means I have a greater capacity to give to attract more money and more audiences. And I always find new ways to make my connection and groundedness more harmonious.

Embracing Your Inner Light

If you consider yourself a lightworker, understand that your true work is to accept your inner light and embrace it. You should not be snuffed off. You should shine. It’s because you don’t yet have a vibrational harmony with your light that you feel the life in this physical universe is dragging you down. The more afraid you are, the more distracting problems you will have with your purpose little or nothing to do with. But you can tell the universe, “OK, whenever you are prepared. I’m all ready. I’m ready. You would better support me. “When you decide committedly, you will attract all the help and resources you need. You will be able to make a determined decision. You’re going to be shocked by how simple it is.

You came to this planet to do some really good, so get busy to do it. By standing still, you don’t fool anybody. You must do what you have come here to do, whether you do it or not. You might also take up and take the power to do something about it if you are going to be responsible. Staying small does not serve anybody, least of all you. Now, not tomorrow, that planet needs you…… not one day. Don’t let us down, and don’t let yourself down in particular.