This Trick Can Help You Fall Asleep Quickly Without Struggling

What keeps most people awake and sleepless at night? That’s what, stress. Stress You can stay awake with adrenaline and cortisol when you want to dose in a dreamland only. Although you can work in many ways in the evening to reduce stress hormones, this might be the quickest! 
The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

It takes a 4-second nose breathing technique, 7 seconds of your breath, and then an 8 second exhale mouth breathing. For 4 breathing cycles, this technique is repeated.

According to Dr. Weil, “It will always be a useful tool to practice this respiratory technique twice per day once you have it developed every day. Use it every time something upset occurs–prior to your reaction. Use when the internal tension is known. Use this for sleeping. Use it to handle the desires for food. This exercise can’t be recommended excessively for mild-to-moderate anxieties. It can benefit all. “Everyone. 

Tonight, give it a try! You don’t need to lose anything, but SLEEP!