This three questions will help you identify your Soulplace

1. In which environment do I become my happiest self?

Your world has an important impact on who you are and how you feel. You will always feel sad and heartbroken if you live in a negative room. Negative will never allow you to escape from the dark pit.

But a place of the soul is in no way harmful. It’s very optimistic. Your soul place is made up of people who match your desires-the activities and the dynamics are positive. The optimistic vibrations in your soul will put you in the happiest place.

2. Are these the things that bring me joy?

Look at the stuff around you. Things can have an adverse impact on you, even if you do not know about it. You’ll get a jolt every time you pass by, for instance, if you are an empath and you have a violent picture in your room.

As empathy for you, it’s quite natural. Therefore, you will be encircled by stuff that eventually lifts you if you are in your Soul place. The purpose of your soul will be linked. You understand who you are and what in life you have to do.