This Simple Shampoo Will Make Your Hairs Grow Faster

The hair is probably first noticeable and a sign of femininity and appeal. However, the hair remains hackable, broken, and damaged by the use of treatments based on high heat and chemicals like drying, and ironing.
Do not hesitate to try the homemade shampoo in this article if you want to stop the loss of hair and make your hair shiner and winner.


2 vial vitamin B
Nettle shampoo (plain 750)
Castor oil 50 ml
Panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution)
AD drops, 30ml aqueous solution
Nettle drops 30ml

Put the whole panthenol bottle, nettle drops AD drops, and castor oil into the 750 ml shampoo of nettle. As simple as that!

How Did Things work?

Surprisingly this shampoo works for both the head skin and the hair as a real vitamin keystone.

Nettle: This herb enhances the blood circulation in the skin of the head, thus accelerating the internal epidermis metabolism procedure. The bioavailability of all other ingredients used is also increased (absorption).

Panthenol, also known as the vitamin B5, maintains the proper function and regenerative function of the head skin.

Castor Oil: Ricinoleic acid and vitamin E-rich in this oil, which are critical antioxidants which prevent free radical damage to the body (compounds that affect the head and root negatively). It is regenerative, antibacterial and antifungal, which can cause dandruff bacteria to be destroyed. It also eliminates dead cells and relieves inflammation.

Vitamin B: Restores the firmness of the hair by properly feeding it.

The use of this shampoo reinforced my hair and no longer falls. It’s a lot brighter, it’s growing more quickly and is a lot stronger. Before use, do not forget to shake the bottle of shampoo. Put some on your palms, then on your hair. Massage all in hair, let it work for a couple of minutes, then wash. Use half a bottle of nettle drops for those with particularly dry hair, since shampoo can dry hair additionally. Finally, in order to improve the blood picture and hormonal status, you begin using nettle tea. You can find the shampoo in every market and the drugstores provide the ingredients.