There are 12 types of Lightworkers who transform the human spirit! Which one of you are?

Serving humanity must not be at the top; on the scene, you must not be a spiritual teacher to influence others with an inspiring effect.

No matter where you are, you can walk on your Lightworkers road, in ordinary surroundings, in a company job, in the mainstream realm of reality.

People notice your momentum, your love for others, your exemplary service and the positive nature of your relationship with others. In the end, that’s what helps.

It is sufficient just to be you and to live up to your truth. This inspires beneficial change for others, it heals and ignites the light in the lives of others!

There are 12 Lightworkers and they all serve the same key objective, which is to serve mankind. This service could heal mankind, inspire mankind, or lead mankind to a beneficial shift.

To assist you in determining what type you belong to, here are the 12 types of lightworkers and their characteristics: 

You must take care of your internal guidance when identifying your lightworker voyage. You will be guided by your intuition when you discover one or more distinctive gifts.

The 12 types of worker of light