The Secrets List To Easily Memorize Things

You will find useful tips in this article that will aid you in easily memorizing things.

You should know that this can be improved if you are a group of people who have a hard time remembering the names of those people you met, small details or some details from films or books.

There was a German psychologist who experimented with human memory and included certain methods for data that can be remembered.

He made few lists which contained meaningless words and included them for an assessment of learning the free meaning. He claimed that with our knowledge of the past we learned new information, so he would experiment with words that had no meaning.

He has tested how quickly we begin to forget the new information. He noticed that in 20 minutes and more than half in the next hour he forgot a lot of information.

That same day, he forgot 2/3 of the information, but the rest he recalled. It means that it is stored in a memory if the information is retained the following day.

He also concluded that people learn more and more easily when the information is repeated over a longer period of time.

Explanation of this technique:

Short-term storage:

Right after learning – 1st Repetition
After 20 min – 2nd Repetition
After 8 hours – 3rd Repetition
After a day – 4th Repetition

Long-term storage:

Right after learning – 1st Repetition
After 20 min – 2nd Repetition
After a day – 3rd Repetition
After 2 weeks – 4th Repetition
After 2 months – 5th Repetition

Some other tips and information about memorizing things easily:

  1. If you want to store it in your memory and remember it later you need to be able to understand the information.
  2. The most important things must first be memorized and then other things are taken into account.
  3. Usually, when they learn things at the beginning or at the end, people can easily remember things.
  4. You should combine words with those you are already familiar with when you learn a new language.
  5. Also, you will remember it much easier if you learn the opposite words when you learn new vocabulary from a foreign language.
  6. You should also see the words you learn and use your body language because, after that, you can easily remember them.
  7. You should try to connect one word and remember it together.
  8. Take these tips and the important things will never be forgotten.