The Reasons Why the Majority of People are Scared of Love

There are people who call love the wondrous feeling in the world while some people seem to be afraid of it. Some people remain gladly in love as others break up. Seeing other people’s bitter experiences can make it difficult to believe in love and often we fear it.

  1. Love makes us vulnerable

We often don’t know each other well when we start a relationship and face the fear of the unknown. Stepping into a relationship requires confidence in the other person, which implies high risk. We empower the other person to affect us and make us vulnerable. Some people also believe that the more care they are, the more likely they are to be hurt.

  1. Seeing others get hurt

Many people think that finding someone 100% committed to you is difficult in today’s world. Trust, which is important to maintain a relationship, is a basic factor in relations. In our friends and family, we frequently see cheating scandals/heartbreaks which is a big reason why people fear to fall in love. You could also refuse to fall into love or be dumped because of failure rejection in the past.

  1. Relationships take time

When we love and have a relationship, we sometimes ignore our family and we change our priorities from family to person we love. Some people first see their families and don’t want to distract their attention from their family to someone else, so they avoid falling in love.

  1. Fear of success

Some people think they can’t focus on their careers and studies in a relationship because it takes too much time. For some people career is the first priority, so they do not want to compromise it or fall in love.

  1. Fear of disapproval

We fear disagreement often. It is sometimes too difficult to deal with a refusal, so we are afraid to fall in love. There are those who are bound by religion, Caste or some factors which prevent them to fall into love. Family disapproval is a big reason that people are afraid of love.

  1. Fear of change

When you are in a relationship, you often have to change certain habits. Many do not like change and want to stay the same. You love your own space and you want to live a life on your own. They have the perception that loving one’s own space and life, which is a big reason for the fear of falling in love.

  1. Fear of commitment

Some people fear a conscious choice for engagement. Some people won’t admit that they’re in love because it makes them responsible for their conscience and someone else who can make them feel guilty if it doesn’t work.