The Old Secret Art of Healing With Your Hands

Healing with the palms of the hands is nearly instinctual, and is a growing technique, especially with Reiki, that can easily be taken by anyone and healing abilities will be yours.

When you start, focus on your palms, relax and feel that the energies are filtering through your hands. It can produce heat or a kicking sensation. That is what you gonna feel. Here is what happens. Your frequency is increased.

Bring more balanced energy to transmit it by touching or holding your hands close to your body to the others. Before and after the healing session some people wash their hands.

It can be difficult to see, however, if with healing hands you are blessed. In many forms and aspects, spiritual healers come. For instance, through writing, I carry out my role as a spiritual healer.

The practice of Reiki, kinesiology, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, herbicide, acupuncture, EFT and a wide array of other methods are used by others.

In their own right, spiritual healers are shamans. They are people who allow the energy of the Spirit to flow through them, guiding and rejuvenating others.

Even those who join the healing profession may feel out of place, as Western medicine and psychology systems leave a shaman little reach to practice his natural healing skill, which can include unconventional practices such as intuitive medicine.

Having your hands in front of the chest like lifting a bowl of water is the most effective way to cure your hands. Relax your hands, allow them to naturally curve and hold this position approximately 30 seconds. Imagine your palms ‘ heat radiating.

Keep your hands in this relaxed position, turn your palms around 6 to 8 inches apart and face each other. You should imagine holding a light ball between your hands. Moving your hands together slowly and then pull them apart. Little by little. Notice if you can feel your palms as a magnetic field.

Put them in your body area that you want to heal if your hands are feeling warm. Imagine yourself as the “r” letter. The head and bottom of your feet are the top of the vertical line. Your hands show the curve of the “r.”