The Increase of the narcissist and the empath

I look at Facebook every day ,I found an article feeding narcissists, empathic fellows, and romances. Empathies and narcissists alike are buzzing words people seem to use more and more for their own description or knowledge. I have seen that narcissists are like the shadow of empathy. It’s interesting. Either light, Either a shadow and I feel narcissists and empathists are on the same coin on one side.

How about a Narcissist?

First, Narcissism is a mental disorder, but today the word is freely used to describe people who most probably live in an extreme ego. It is a pattern of conduct which develops over time. No one is narcissistic. Narcissists are described as manipulative, empathic, divided personalities, controlled and self-importance-enhanced.

On a more profound level, however, the narcissist may be empath, but he just doesn’t seem to know how to handle all his emotions. Then they shut out their emotions, feed the ego and become an apparently emotionally emotionless person. Maybe a narcissist is feeling so empathetic that they don’t know what to do with them, so it shows narcissistic tendencies.

What’s Empath?

Empath is also freer to describe individuals that are highly intuitive and energy-sensitive. To a certain extent, we are intuitive and energy-sensitive but empath is here to enlighten the way and keep the torch open for others. Empathy is here to increase our awareness of energy and of the energy that we are all.

The same applies to the narcissist, he holds the torch simply to expose the ego and how he can take over and make it appear almost inhuman. Empathies and narcissists always exist, and we become more aware of these behavioral patterns as our consciousness continues to develop.

Why Empaths and Narcissists Attract

When we look at narcissistic people who are empathies who simply can not use their gifts, then it would be meaningful why a narcissist and empathy would attract each other. Two would recognize each other, both the empath and the narcissist. The empathy would heal and aid the narcissist and the narcissist, perhaps even sweeping power out of empathy. We often see the narcissist as a spinless villain, who wants to profit from empath but maybe really deep down at an unconscious level, the narcissist tries to understand how empath can use his gifts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the empath should tolerate, or be a victim of the behavior of narcissists, but it might explain why empath is drawn into this kind of relation. At a more profound level, the narcissists can see the empath crying for help and guidance. Empath responds to something much deeper than the surface in this type of relation. There is no question that empath is the greatest teacher of narcissism; it is only up to the narcissist to learn. However, it is important to understand that the responsibility to change the narcissistic way doesn’t lie with empathy.

It is important to understand that you are not responsible for healing those empathies that have been or are in contact with someone who has narcissistic behavior. This can be only done when the narcissist realizes that she is also an energetic being grabbed by ego fear. The narcissist is likely to be the greatest teacher in the same way because he can help expand his gifts and reveal all self-limiting beliefs that block empathy from life.