How To Overcome The Silent Treatment of Narcissistic People

How do you deal with a narcissist who treats you in silence treatment? Someone who coexists with you, ignoring you, in the same house? What if it’s been going on for days? Weeks? This would ideally be a two-word response: no contact. But it doesn’t always work perfectly in real life, and people sometimes have to live with narcissists-so let’s dig into it.

How to Survive a Narcissist Silent Treatment

Believe this or not, this is just one of the many evidence that you are in a toxic relationship with an abusive narcissist. And you might often find the old silently treated – AKA the discard phase.

The first thing you have to do is to educate yourself about the situation.

I always say that knowledge is power, and the first thing you need to know is just why narcissists treat you in silence. See whether they know it consciously or not. In order to get what they want, narcissists are wired to push “your buttons.” Now, maybe you wonder, if they go silent, which button they’re trying to push? You might be amazed to learn that this isn’t about insane communication or boredom–it’s about playing your own worst fears.

And one of your worst fears, I bet, is the fear that you will be alone with no one to help you or support you. Am I correct? If you’re currently (or have been) involved with a narcissist, I guess, you’re thinking about all sorts of small stuff the narcissist did to deal with your fears. Overcome your fears and keep on living!

The narcissist thus gives you a taste of what life could be without his beautifully godly self by “taking you out,” verbally and emotionally (have you found that bit of sarcasm there?).

Then, this is the way – the narcissist ignores and discredits you and devaluates you because you are afraid to be alone. He is hoping to force you into submission and to make the good little narcissistic supply he needs in order to enact his silent narcissistic rage against you.

In addition, silent treatment works especially well in sensitive, empathetic people (which narcissists often find quite appealing) Because we are wired to answer and try to ease people’s emotions around us, particularly those we love.

Do you feel me?

Okay, so how do you deal with this behavior without completely losing your mind?

You can play the game if you stay in the relationship because you have no choice. But in the end, leaving and moving forward is the best option. Having said this, we all know that it is easier to say than do at times–and we all have our reasons why we “don’t leave it if it’s bad.”

So I would like, as always, to say that nothing of the following is relevant if you are physically abused and I want you to get help now — stop reading and begin packing, sister!

Moving on…

You are being treated silent treatment, a beautiful part of the discarding phase which anyone who was in the path of a narcissist may remember. Perhaps you were accused of being selfish or of ignoring the emotional or physical needs of the narcissist, of being dishonest, arrogant, lazy or some other offensive portraits.

(But for the record, what happens most of the time is projection — narcissists project on their victims their own deficiencies, not about you..)

If you’re playing the game, that’s what you’re doing to deal with quietly.

I want you to come back and read this article again the next time you are confronted by the icy, hated silent treatment of yet another perceived infringement. And I want you to remember that this is a control game-the narcissist believes his lack of communication and concern can control you. The only way to regain power is to refuse to react. You just go on as if he wasn’t there, or do what you’d do usually, and ignore his actions willfully, regardless of how pissed he gets.

That means:

Do not send him texts that attempt to reason.
Don’t post whiney shit on your Facebook page
Don’t let him know that in any way he affects you.
When he behaves this way, don’t give him what he wants.

He’s going to try something new if he realizes he doesn’t break your heart. And while this won’t solve the problem of your narcissist, it stops him from silent treatment for long. Did you ever deal with the silent treatment of the narcissist? What have you done to deal with? In the Comments section, share your ideas and experiences. Let’s talk.