The Ancient Meditation Tips for Attaining Higher States of Consciousness

The ancient technique of mindfulness which is often ignored. When correctly exercised, you can calm your mind more quickly, calm down more deeply, and reach higher consciousness and awareness.

This ancient respiratory technique is so simple and yet powerful for stress, anxiety and depression reduction. This awareness exercise helps you tap your spiritual energy, or prana, much faster and connects you to the source of your energy!

In the last five years, Mindfulness meditation has gained enormous traction. It appears that everybody from celebrities to goats has practiced relaxing deeply, to receive intuitive responses, calm the mind, cure the body, and to de-stress my favorite.

Mindfulness Meditation for Good Mental Health

When I was detoxifying, waking, and mentally struggling, I started my meditation many years ago. I saw others fighting for fear, depression, and madness, going to a doctor or hospital and quickly getting drugged in oblivion. I knew that my mental health had a better way to handle it.

At first, since my mind was so manic, I had to listen to guided meditations. For more than 30 seconds, I just couldn’t watch my breath. Paul Santisi explained one day while listening to a guided meditation called Mind Silence that those who meditated had no mental problems and instead had a magnet of good luck and success. I knew I’d find an answer, meditation, to my mental health problems!

And then five years later I’ll be glad to report that, at least a few times a week (even if only 10 minutes), I’m happy, sober, married, a mommy. However, I still struggled to shut my brain off! For 10 minutes I’d fight for my brain, and after meditation, I’d feel no better. It looked like a task to meditate since my mind blustered an endless list, a technological disorder, etc. But I just stuck…

Five Years of Meditating and I Was Still Doing It Wrong!

I tell the Source Consciousness to be grateful each night before bed, to get out of my frustrations of the day, or request help with what I’m not getting. This will help me pinpoint my day and get my mind ready to sleep. I lay down and started to sleep in my deep meditative breath.

I knew Ujjayi, or “ocean,” and I used it to calm and quiet my mind while I fell asleep. I did it for some time. But last night I heard a voice saying, “Where’s your stomach when I struggled once more to pay any attention to my breath?”I immediately knew I had not expanded my bowel or diaphragm into my lungs. I switched quickly and breathed into my lower body and felt a deeper relaxation in my physical body, breathing my ocean or Ujjayi, or some cleverly named it “Darth Vader.”

My mind slowed down instantly, and I then heard’ Prana’ and’ How’ words. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe it! I overlooked one of the most simple ancient techniques of all after five years of practicing mindfulness meditation! The diaphragmatic or belly respiration technique combined with the ocean breath is how many ancient Taoist and Yogi traditions practiced the Ujjayi respiratory technique. And it works best of all! You can relax your mind and body faster, raise sleep, detoxify and achieve greater consciousness levels by increasing your life force energy or prana.

I have had lucid dreams, visits to the Archangel and prophetic visions while I fell asleep and kept my conscience within my body. It’s fantastic!

How the Ancients practiced Ujjayi Breath, Strengthened the Diaphragm, and Cultivated Prana (The Right Way)

Sit, stand or even lay, preferably with the back straightened in a comfortable posture.

Respire very slowly through the nose. Fill the lower bowel with air consciously.

(Pay particular attention to your breath transitions, as the mind tends to escape again). Exhale through your nose slowly and powerfully. This should sound like an “ocean” wave, the dart-Vader, or it should sound like fogging up your breath in a mirror. Breathe all the air. Breathe all the air. (That’s more air than you’ll probably think).

(Watch again, to focus on your mind, your transition from inhalation to exhalation). Maintain your awareness within your body frame.

That is your concern. It works wonderfully to keep your focus in the center of your head.

The old method of meditation has technically been practiced with hands resting in the Gyan mudra posture on the knees cross-legged with spine straight, meaning “gesture of consciousness.”

When you deeply attract and circulate prana in the Creator’s Infinite Intelligence, which is pure Love, you strengthen your spiritual muscles to root out that which holds you from transcending your rational or monkey mind. Your ability to “let go” your mind takes place quicker, and higher consciousness and dimensional conditions can be reached.

This is the “place of the magic.” The Ascended Masters and the Archangels are the visions, the lucid dreams, visits, and answers. Sometimes, with the Gyan mudra, the crossing of legs, diaphragmic breeze, the ocean breath, and the straight posture I practice complete meditation and it is incredible! But, if I am honest, at the very end of a long day I usually only breathe deeply with the “Dark Vader” breath while sitting in bed chasing two children below three. Then, when my rational mind finally shuts down, listens to Divine Guidance, or starts flying, I reach my beautiful Meditation zone and pass away!

Do what works for you! Do what works! Everything is better than nothing!  We are real people with real responsibilities (jobs, charges, children, etc.).