The 5 Zodiac Signs With The Greatest Intuition

1. Virgo

Though considered one of the more overly attentive to detail, it’s that same uncanny knack for seeing, and analyzing the facts as they are that gives them the intuitive edge. Virgo wants everything to go off without a hitch, and they seem to want it all done in a very successful, or correct way. This translates with their analytics to become a knowledge of self, and surrounding that gives them a sensitivity to the slightest change in patterns, and the ability to edit them to their will. Virgo has the best of both extremes; highly intuitive, yet as precise, and logical as they come.

2. Aries

You may see the ram gallop full speed with their heads down, in a furious rage at the perceived enemy. Sometimes, it may be at the wrong enemy, due to their careless nature, but it’s always in the right direction. Aries doesn’t always understand how their gut instincts work out for them. Yet, they usually do, and the intuitive warrior seems to rise up from the ashes proud of their seemingly reckless success. Most think of the Aries as a competitive thrill-seeker. Truthfully, they can sense the genuine nature of others, or the lack thereof. The hard head they sport usually leads them into battle.