The 3 signs that somebody from a past life you knows

The souls live potentially outside time and space and need to communicate with other souls to grow and develop.

Though we don’t recall that we have lived past lives, there are distant memories and emotions deep within us. In principle, this is because the soul has the power and capacity to store data, which is stored in our consciousness.

In reality, our souls are through like that. The information is stored. And not only any important information. Therefore, none of us is born empty because that knowledge is within us and shows it in our new life at certain stages.

Often you experience the knowledge profoundly held in new situations and meet new people. Several things, like places, situations, and souls that you have communicated with in previous lives, can cause such a glimpse.

You can feel it with your vibration and emotional feeling, and you can sense someone in your last breath. You know that you don’t know how or when, but you know that you’ve seen him deep in your consciousness before. Such glimpses sometimes can not trigger our typical behavior.

Many symptoms can be identified if somebody from past lives is exposed to you.