Spiritual meaning of body pain

Diseases are triggered by much more fundamental causes that are more commonly emotionally related.

When the condition is not identified and accepted, the obvious curing of the disease decides its movement into another section.

Because of incorrect actions, unhealthy food, physical, emotional or mental distress the body accumulates toxins.

These toxins are accumulated mostly in the hands, lymph system, internal organs and head in different areas of the body.

The body removes these toxins whether the organism, spirit or atmosphere works properly. Inner removal may include the stomach, heart, intestine, lungs and blood fluids.

While toxins are removed through sweat glands, the body removes toxins via the skin if something goes wrong here.

If the body’s level of toxicity decreases until it develops into an illness, for whatever reason, toxins can not be eliminated.

Tension at all rates can be the first step towards the disease! The internal organs are drunk and sick because the corps can not relieve their strain.

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