Spiritual meaning of body pain


The cardiovascular system pump consists of four spaces, two on the right, connected to the lungs and one on the left, linked to the rest of the body.

Deoxygenated blood is injected into the pulmonary tissue on the right side of the heart.

Blood of oxygen returns to the left side of the lung and is transferred from the liver to the remainder of the body.

Our emotional barriers are stored in our physical organs, in the heart: grief, grief, disappointment, lack of the object or loved one, anxiety, despair, rejection, violence or other injurious emotions, terror, certain blockages due to bad loving experiences or a compromise between giving or receiving.


They take oxygen to the bloodstream so that it is absorbed into the blood to spill poisonous gas fuel.

The lung holds mental barriers like fury, anxiety, and loss of energy within the physical body.

It is the root cause of asthma. Coughing is an internal distress reflex to relieve stress.