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A SiteMap is a way of identifying the URLs and data in each section. The sitemaps were previously primarily intended for website users. The XML format of Google has, however, been designed for search engines so that data can be found quicker and better. explains SiteMap

When the Sitemap is for users, it is only a simple HTML file containing all the main pages on a site.

In the search engine environment, a site map, also known as a sitemap.xml, helps to index all the pages on the site for search engine crawlers. Although a website map does not guarantee each page of a website is crawled, it is recommended by main search engines.

Site maps are particularly important for sites that do not include HTML links using Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus. To help webcrawlers  identify dynamic pages that were usually missed, Google introduced Google Sitemaps. This protocol is also supported by Bing and all other search engines.

Sitemap For search engine :