Significant Benefits of Meditation That Will Shape Your Overall Health

There are many benefits of practicing meditation, yet many people don’t know. Here is a list of the ten most immediate and apparent, but remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg: it would require a much longer record to list it all!

1) Stress Relief

Cortisol is the hormone causing stress; while helping us survive in dangerous situations, today’s fast lifestyle is more than necessary to trigger it, As a result, unwanted cholesterol is increased, the bone density is lower, blood pressure is increased, hyperglycemia is increased, the weak immune system is affected.

2) Eliminate Anxiety And Depression

Studies showed that meditation increases the amount of GABA and Serotonin neurotransmitters that act as mood stabilizers. Depression kicks in when these neurotransmitters run low. Serotonin is especially important because so many antidepressants have the goal of increasing it; you can make this without any dangerous side effects by meditation.

3) Lasting Sense Of Well-Being

Meditation increases the number of endorphins within the body, which is the best way to produce a “natural high” comparable (and complementary) to that generated by exercise. Regular meditation will make you feel better all day long.

4) Improve Your Brain Frequency

Many studies have demonstrated that our brain broadcasts waves at various frequencies, much like a radio, according to its activity currently engaged in. Meditation can help you to access the frequency needed to reprogram your subconscious and to eliminate bad habits and limit beliefs by putting your brain in a relaxed state.

5) Increased Emotional Maturity

Regular meditation calms your mind and leads to a greater awareness of yourself. This gives many people the chance to look more objectively and make changes to improve their lives.

6) Spiritual Insight

The fact that meditations strengthen your connection to your “higher self” is another extremely important benefit. That increases creativity, intuition, purpose and can change your perspective to the better in the appropriate circumstances, such as from looking at something as a “problem” to instead seeing it as a chance for emotional and spiritual growth.

7) Deepened Feeling Of Emotional Connection With Others

Meditation can also enhance your relationships because it can give you the patience, peace, inner peace and consciousness that others need to understand better and react with greater compassion and awareness to your actions that lead to fewer misunderstandings and an increase in awareness of your true feelings and motivations.

8) Anti-Aging

You can slow down the process of aging by regular meditation and look youthful and healthier because meditation has been found to increase the production of hormones like melatonin, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and growth hormones.

9) Improved Immune System

All of the hormones listed here have the added benefit of improving your immune system performance, making you healthier and less susceptible to disease. During sleep, the immune system also regenerates, and regular meditators can sleep deeper and more relaxed, which brings us to the last point of the list.

10) Sleep Replacement

Meditators are sleeping better and relaxed when they wake up; many times this leads to less sleep: regular meditators have reported that they need 2 – 3 hours less sleep than they needed in order to feel fresh and energetic in the morning before beginning meditation.