Red flags that you deal with a black-hearted person

There is no doubt about the existence of evil in the world. As we grow up, in our favorite TV shows, film, and fairy stories we are introduced to the concept. We learn to distinguish the brave, selfless hero from the dark, evil villain even at a young age. But is there in the real world this definition of good versus evil?

It is hard to deny the existence of evil in the world today – you simply have to change the news and are flooded with psychopathic stories, murderers and a vast variety of criminals, each of whom focuses more on their own well-being than the others around them. There are many different theories about why some people look at the world so differently. Some people say everything is about the environment and the way we are grown, while others argue that a biocomponent exists. Experts point to the release of oxytocins in your body when discussing some of the more serious cases. Research shows that 95% of people regularly receive this positive boost, while 5% do not react the same way.

In any case, people are masking around us with a bad, blackened heart as normal happy people. They bring toxic, negative energy into your life that will ultimately bring pain and hurt to those on your way. Don’t let an innocent face delude you!

Watch the 14 signs you deal with a Black-Hearted individual:

1 – They Are Master Manipulators

Those who live with a black heart always have an agenda, and they will do everything they can to stay focused on this. They don’t just draw minor disadvantages or tricks, they’re built on manipulation, inconvenience, and deception.

2 – They Mislead You

Sometimes these people spin a situation to mislead instead of speak truth to you. This can lead you to an incorrect assumption based on their information, which works to advance their agenda.

3 – They Are Untrustworthy

This one goes, off course, I believe. If you know someone at every turn manipulates and misleads you for their own goals, then they’re certainly not worthy of your confidence.

4 – They Deny Reality

Often people with dark hearts manipulate the world around them to fit into a twisted game. If reality is not in their hands they will so convincingly deny it that they often trick others into believing their modified version of events.

5 – They Believe They Are ‘Owed’

Persons living with a dark heart don’t know what they want and definitely don’t plan to “earn it.” What is the reason? Because they feel like they are special and important enough to own it, they do not think they should lift the finger to do anything more than they should be their own person.

6 – They Demand Your Attention

People with a dark heart also have too much fault and confidence. They overestimate its importance, believing they are superior to everybody around them. Therefore, as they believe they are worthy of it, they become the center of attention by thinking they’re worthy of it.