Polite Gestures to Impress And Be Loved

Manners fell off the road. Children hardly ever remember saying please and thank you, and adults do not do more polite gestures than children. When it came to good manners, my parents stuck with their weapons. I have taught my daughters how good and how they treat others I have no leniency.

21 kind gestures which never fail to impress:

Wait until everyone has food at the dinner table before they start eating
Holding doors
Leaving the women at the table order before the men
Using yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir
Written thank-yous
RSVPing by the requested date
Men open any door for a woman or kids
Say “Excuse me” when I walk or when I meet someone.
Present friends to friends by name 
Chewing with your mouth closed
Remove your cell phone from the checkout counter
Wait until everybody is done at a table, or apologize if a break in the bathroom is in order
Keep a hand in your lap when eating
Let the guest decide what to watch on television
Serving your guests first
Waiting until someone you have dropped of enters their house and is safely inside
Wait for people to leave the elevator before they enter.
Allowing people to complete their sentence and excuse me if you interrupt them
help elderly people load or unload groceries  in or out of their vehicles
Send cards of sympathy, congratulations, good wishes
Remember to call or send a card for birthdays