Memory of the emotional muscle: How do you release suffering?

Are you aware that feelings in muscles can be stored? The definition of feelings from past experiences accumulated in your body is emotional muscle memory. With the negative feelings at the cellular level stuck, physical pain can also affect the way we travel and live.

In our minds, we have countless memories that we recall whenever we want. Faces, names, locations, sights, sounds, scent, and other sensory sensations are easy to recall.

“Muscle has memory: the body knows things the mind will not admit.” – Louise Doughty

Over time, however, these memories begin to fade and become weaker as we remember new experiences. But these emotional memories still live by behavioral habits and physical sensations in our bodies. Never forgets your body.

When you suffer from extreme stress or trauma, physiological traces of your body will leave crucial moments in battle, flight, or freezing mode.