Know These Unusual Symptoms Of A Silent Heart Attack Before it Too Late

We all know the cardiac attack is not an easy thing, and the majority of us consider it as chest pain, dizziness, and difficult to breathe. Don’t risk your health and learn how to know that you’ve had a quiet heart attack and what has caused it, you’ll be able to prevent it in the future and protect yourself against a bigger heart attack.

In 2016, one study at Harvard University showed that nearly 45 percent of all people never feel any symptoms until a heart attack.

The silent heart attack occurs more frequently than before and is very similar to the lack of oxygen in the heart which, in turn, can lead to blockage. In most cases, this can be overcome and a little surprising, but the heart attack in women is far more common and can often lead to heart problems in the near future.

What is good for us is that today, the physicians can determine whether a silent heart attack has been experienced and so regular inspections are too important. When this happens, the heart attack may have some effects, like chronic tiredness, shortness of breath, pain in the neck or jaw, etc.

A risk factor to look are: high blood pressure, thickness, diabetes, smoking, family heart problems, lack of physical activity, etc. If you are older than 35 you should take regular medical exams to find out if you are at risk.

This is the best way to find out whether you already have experienced or risk experiencing it, and you will also need to change some of your lifestyles to minimize the chance of this happening. You need to reduce your consumption of salt, lose weight and stop smoking. Alcohol intake can also very often boost your likelihood of a heart attack.

These Are 10 Possible Heart Symptoms :

Pain that Spreads to the Arm
You Feel Dizzy or Lightheaded
Chest Discomfort
Throat or Jaw Pain
You Get Exhausted Easily
Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain
A Cough That Won’t Quit
Your Legs, Feet, and Ankles Are Swollen
Irregular Heart Beat