Ikigai, the Japanese Origin of Long and Happy Life Reason

Each morning why are you getting out of bed? Are you sick and tired of life? In your day, what are you seeking? These were the questions I had to ask each day until I realized what the problem was. This is when I asked the only really important question.

What’s my life’s purpose? However, it can often be challenging and difficult to find your life purpose. That’s when I consider ikigai the secret to a long and happy life in Japan. Will Ikigai give me cause to continue my day with arousal and leap out of my bed? Was Ikigai the solution I’ve been seeking. The reply was yes.

Why do we have to get out of bed?

Have you ever assumed that if you get this promotion or raise, you’ll be happier? Have you ever thought as if you had the very thing as you longed for? Your response is a sounding yes, I’m pretty sure. That’s not what we really want, however. We are still looking for a good excuse to spend another day. And money and material properties are certainly not what we want.

The aim is, without a doubt, the greatest contributing factor to our longevity, health, and well-being overall. We will not only go through life experiences without a clear sense of meaning in our lives, we will also contend with many physical and mental health issues.

That is why more and more people are now spending a lot of time and energy to achieve their goal. It is refreshing and very important to move our attention from financial prosperity and wealth into a meaningful life. So this thought gave me a long and happy life to Ikigai, the Japanese secret. In accordance with the Japanese, it is necessary for a happy life to discover your ikigai, but it can only be found by looking deep and long inside you. That’s the way to make your life meaningful.

Ikigai Defenition :

Originally from Okinawa Island in Japan, ikigai simply means “cause” The terms iki (meaning life) and kai (creating your hopes and expectations) are the words.

That factor needs to converge and function in harmony to help you find your purpose in existence. Your passion lies in the intersection where the skills and desires meet the needs of the world and make a living for it. Ikigai will not work for you if you miss either of these elements. You won’t be able to use the fullest ability of your life without even getting a single feature. If you find the right balance between all four dimensions, you will be able to know about your ikigai and feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Ikigai refers to why we begin a new day, why we get up, and why we stay. This shows us that real joy in life is not because it makes money or gets a fancy mark on the job. It’s because you do what you enjoy and support others. Under this idea, each of us has an Ikigai, and knowing our Ikigai will make our lives meaningful and purposeful.

It can nevertheless be harder than you can imagine, as it takes you to master what you love to do and constantly seek self-development.

Ikigai ‘s 4 elements
You will find 4 elements to discover your ikigai if you want to find your life meaning.

1 Would you want to do

What are the things you want to do? You should be passionate about your hobbies or something. This may be from music, dancing, drawing, swimming, cooking, or even gardening. Seek to find out what you want to do. Such factors will serve as drivers and help you choose the profession that suits you best. It is time to consider your choices if you are earning enough money, but still have a boring job even if you are really good at doing so. If you do what you love, you can feel the excitement you lack now in your career.

2 What’s unique about you

Two very different things are knowing what you love to do, and knowing what you’re good with. You might not like your job, but you might be good at it. I might like to paint, but it may not be worth a dime to my paintings. You may enjoy one thing, but you may be knowledgeable and skilled for something else. Yet this doesn’t always have to be the case. To find out what is good for you and what you need to improve your skills. You can make a career from it and be paid for it if you’re comfortable in your skill for a certain mission. It helps you find fulfillment and happiness in your honesty mission