How twin spirits are helping Healing Each other

Do you consider your partner twin flame or the twin soul?

Take the twin soul as a mirror when you see it as emotional, irritating, furious, over-sensitive ou afraid to figure out if it represents ONE aspect of You.

Twin souls love one another so much that they reflect and express all in their energy. They show you something you’re, were, or forgotten about yourself that you need to look at. See your dreams, your beliefs, and what you have to say. These are the desires and values that are embodied in you.

Twin soul love leads you on a divine path nobody else can create for you. Your companion tells you something from the greatest possible love and takes you to your center, in the expression of everything around you. The energies of twin souls (even in word, actions) take over and show you who you are or what may require improvement.

Many materials are often hidden or forgotten. Just listen and see yourself, your thoughts, your anxiety, and your behavior. When you are honest, this is the highest love between the souls that anybody can feel. We show in you the positive and not the worse. It’s an endeavor you made before you were born with them. You agreed to meet and recover by representing the spirit and the ego.