How to reset vaultz lock box

How to reset vaultz lock box ?

How to reset vaultz lock box ?

The Vaultz lockbox is a general-purpose safe for storing valuables and personal belongings of all kinds.

Protecting one’s own belongings and property has always been a source of worry. Because of the growing insecurity concerns, it has become essential to handle priceless goods with care and under severe protection in recent years. Personal property items may be taken away from you and lost as a result of this danger; thus, keeping them in a safe setting that provides the highest level of protection should be the preferable method of storage. There are a variety of storage box containers and vaults available, all of which were designed to offer the highest level of protection for your valuable gems or cash. Home safes that have been professionally designed and installed are a feasible alternative for safeguarding cash and other precious valuables, such as jewelry, financial and medical information. Professional installation is required for safes that are well-known for their third-party certifications.

How to Reset Vaultz Lock Box Combination :

Step number one.

If you have not yet created a personal combination code for the product, set the combination dials to the number “000.” If you previously configured the combination lock on the storage container, you will need to enter your current combination code to open it. To open the storage container, slide the release button adjacent to the combination dials to the left until it clicks.

Step number two.

If you are using the product for the first time, remove the plastic safety tab from the combination dials. 

Remove the plastic safety tab from the combination dials. Allow the lock latch to remain in the open position while pressing and holding the release button toward the combination dials. Then, by rotating the combination dials, you can change the combination code on the lock.

Step number three.

After you’ve selected your desired number combination, press and hold the square button near the combination dials for a few seconds. Alternately rotate and slide the release button toward the “Open” position, attempting to get it to move in any direction.

Step number four.

Before closing the container, roll the dials back to the new combination code and slide the release button toward the “Open” position to ensure that it functions properly.

How do you open a lockbox if you forgot the code?

Pulling up on the shackle with a gentle pull will keep it in place. Turn the dial in a clockwise direction, paying close attention until you hear the lock click. Start with a lot of pressure and gradually release it as you spin it around, until you only encounter resistance in one spot after another.

How do you reset a 4 digit combination lock box?

Turn the dial all the way down to zero to begin setting a combination lock. If you have a reset tool that was supplied with your combination lock, you may put it into a hole on the side of the lock chamber, and the lock will be automatically reset. It has the ability to be turned by 90 degrees in any direction. Make sure that the wheels are set to the exact combination that you’ve chosen.