Highly Awakened People Don’t Realize They Are Doing These 8 Things

Do you understand what “highly awakened” means?

Many people know what it means, I don’t believe. So we start by knowing what’ awakened’ means. Emotional experience is awakening. It is described by some as the greatest emotional stage anybody can achieve or have. You have to know yourself physically, mentally and spiritually in order to be in a state of awakening, and then create harmony in all these domains. You become very aware of all your activities when you are awakened. You can describe yourself at the same moment. In addition, you can acknowledge yourself as you are.

Well, I’m sure you have to think that this state of awakening is extremely difficult to achieve. Well, yes, that’s why we’re not all reaching that state.

Some of us don’t even know that there’s such a state. The people who don’t understand this idea are why the people who are awakened are in a harsh place. This is because people around a highly awakened person can’t understand that person’s responses. So, in the mind of the highly awakened there arises some type of dilemma. He/she doesn’t understand if they’re correct or incorrect, or if they’re strange or not.

Therefore we present a list of what people who are awakened have done to help you understand the people who “wakened.” These things could be odd to those around them, but these are the natural instincts of someone highly awakened.