Five Signs: You are Carrying  Karma of your family 

Family karma is the ancient bloodline karma. This ‘energetic barrier’ in the karmic family will hold the spiritually most formed in the family from birth until it is removed.

The transfer of energy can be achieved mentally, spoken, energetically, or unconsciously.

It also has to do with the energetic links between your parents and past experiences.

In the past, you and your parents could have been having karmic building encounters by harming another or by failing to know.

From ancestral to ancestors, to grandchildren, to parents, then to you, family traditions are passed down.

Your grandmother is, say, unnecessarily friendly. An example is. She took care of everyone, including her alcoholic and chain smoker mother. she took care of them all.

Then your mother becomes the energy of sacrifice, a lack of focus, and love for her child. The myths are spread just like injustice and false reality, perpetuating the structure and retaining a lower, denser mass consciousness.

As your parents’ children, you are carrying the karmic DNA that you have got. It may be very mild or very serious.

5 signs that you bear the family karma :