The dark side of empaths you rarely see

The word “empathy” refers to the capacity to understand, exist, share emotions, sorrow, or happiness in others, whether or not communicated directly.

An individual can not be able to have compassion, that is to say, an emotional reaction to the suffering of someone else.

Empathy is often referred to in the language of today as “putting into other’s shoes” and should not be confused with altruism, kindness, or sympathy, i.e. the exchange of common feelings or emotions.

An Austrian psychotherapist and founder of the individual psychology school, Alfred Adler explained:

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.”

5 Signs Of An Empath :

# 1 Your mind is open

Empathians don’t have any trouble thinking about the environment and are constantly searching for knowledge not found in the conventional news, Television shows, or films.

They desire to learn stuff which culture as a whole finds odd or underground and they find the normal way of life too restricting and boring. If you have been bored and easily distracted in school, you probably feel like there is so much more to know.

# 2 Light and noise are sensitive for you

City sounds, noisy sirens, traffic, lights, and everything that holds a feeling of stress, confusion, and conflict put you on a high level of warning.

You may feel an aversion to the urban environment, particularly if you are surrounded by large concrete buildings without easy access to greenery or nature.

# 3 You’re Often Heard You’re “Too Sensitive”

Mates, friends, and family members sometimes say you’re “too emotional,” because of your thoughts and feelings and their problems, how you think people feel, or global concerns about you.

# 4 Knowing

You have an unquestionable and unequivocal sense of knowing which comes in its definition with pinpoint accuracy.

Therefore, you can read others without clear hints and explain what is happening under the surface.

# 5 Incredible Listener

You won’t say much about yourself unless you trust anybody. You love to read, teach, and care about others.