Elemental Signs and their meanings: An Introduction

What is this all about?

You know, all too often the interconnectedness of life on Earth gets glazed over. The world and its living inhabitants all have particles of the cosmos in their makeups, and there are no mistakes. Everything that exists, is the product of cause and effect.

When looking into different stories, don’t you ever want to note the quirks of some people? Like, how the tough biker guy might just have his favorite stuffed unicorn, or how the quiet friend in the group would be the best karaoke singer.

Everyone has traits and features of their personality that help describe them as individuals.

Elemental Signs

Very broadly, you could imagine that there must be at least a few distinct types of people that walk among us. Among the human race, there are 4 major elements: Fire, earth, air, and water. Any of these four elements can align with a given individual’s nature. You can spot these elements by observing someone’s behavior and maybe even asking for their birthday.

Zodiac astrology can help determine why you or I might make the decisions we do. Who’d have thought, huh?