Dehumanization: The Last Manipulation Weapon for Narcissists

1. You treat yourself like objects, not people.

Narcissists have no regard whatsoever for others and for how society works. They treat people like stuff, not people. The planet tends to be a factory, with its greedy lens, to create goods for narcissists to buy and use.

The human characteristics people have are not given any attention. They are blind and deaf to all forms of human emotions and reject recognition as basic elements of a healthy lifestyle. You will find they use you as if they were using an object when you try to interact with a narcissist. They want to remove any indication of positive emotion from you and make your soul a machine to serve your interests.

And they turn life into commodities and finally jettison you when you avoid living up to your needs.

2. Strong argument disability

If anyone attempts to change their thinking, narcissists hate it. They work on a sort of complex god that makes them believe that the world they perceive as being absolute through their lens. We believe everything they do is absolutely justified and undisputed. Their worldview you can’t challenge, let alone alter.

Therefore, narcissists will find every way to invalidate your point and ensure that you have proved incorrect. And it’s funny, they’ve no empirical evidence to reason. It’s just prejudiced, not logic. They not only will make you feel guilty, miserable, and doubtful, that you have proved yourself to be wrong.

In critique, discouragement, and emotional profanity, narcissists gain sadistic pleasure. You like to see that you suffer from shame and low self-esteem after the statement, that you have fooled a whole society and driven it to ruin. The very act of narcissism is a valuable instrument to avoid any claims by narcissists.