Dehumanization: The Last Manipulation Weapon for Narcissists

Narcissists don’t think in the lines of reason, unlike most people. The more you try to find a common ground, the more you seem to disagree with them. Their way of dealing with others is quite harsh and never ethics and morality can justify them.

Narcissists like to gain total control of someone with whom they interact. You don’t want to be blamed or misunderstood. To order to maintain the illusion of their dominance, they create six effective methods to subjugate others and govern themselves.

The principal component of the dehumanization process is the tyrannical act.

Dehumanization means that a narcissist takes absolute control of people by crushing their free will and turning them into machines to carry out their sadistic wishes.

Let us break down and examine the actions taken by a narcissist to carry out his dehumanization heresy.

6 Ways a narcissist uses dehumanization to mistreat his victims and exploit them