are kim and dana delaney sisters

Could it be true that Kim and Dana Delaney are sisters ?

Your colleague is accurate in his evaluation of your performance. Kim DELANEY is the only sibling she has ever known. Dana DELANY has one sister, who goes by the name of Corey, and she is the youngest.

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Where is Kim Delaney now?

Delaney was nominated for three Emmys and won one for her performance as a supporting actor on NYPD Blue in 1997. She now appears on Chicago Fire and has recently appeared on Crackle’s The Oath, among other shows. Delaney is represented by The Gersh Agency, Wonder Street Entertainment, and LINK Entertainment, among others.

Who is new girl on General Hospital?

On ‘General Hospital,’ Kendra Lennon is stirring up some new drama with her actions. When actress Michelle Argyris made her General Hospital debut on August 26, she was met with a flood of questions from the audience. She made her debut as the enigmatic new character Kendra Lennon, who at first glance seemed to be harmless enough. However, it’s becoming more clear that she’s up to no good.

Is Sam from General Hospital pregnant in real life?

Sofia Mattsson, a General Hospital actress, is very adept at concealing secrets! The delighted actress went to social media over the weekend to share some very huge and very joyful news, and we do mean very large! She was finally able to communicate the news of her pregnancy in real life now that Mattsson’s character, Sasha, is expecting on the serial opera.

Are Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller still friends?

Monaco has been dealing with reports of her dating different guys ever since she ended her relationship with Gonzalez. Billy Miller, her former co-star on General Hospital, is one of those individuals. Monaco and Miller, on the other hand, have claimed that they are just friends.

Why did they change TJ on General Hospital?

Apparently, he left the part after being offered another opportunity, and the position of his character was promptly filled by another actor. Among the storylines that took place during the Meyer period was TJ’s debut as Shawn Blakeford’s surrogate son. The character’s mother sends him to live with Shawn, stating that military school is the only other choice available to him.

Did Molly on GH get lip injections?

Despite the fact that many celebrities have had cosmetic surgery procedures performed on them in this day and age, only a select handful will acknowledge to having had such procedures. Although the actress who plays Molly has claimed that she has not had surgery, many “General Hospital” viewers think that her facial characteristics suggest that she has.