7 Your inner Shaman is awakening

Shamans are medicine men or women use their connection with nature and the spirit world to cure and awaken others.

Shamans fly into the spirit world using sticks, plants, and crystals and get psychically guided knowledge from their spirit guides, gods, and ancestors.

They can also channel other spirits, gods, and deities and are powerful creators of the world around them. They also rely on their Mother Earth connection to discover healing plants and herbs.

Usually, shamans are initiated after experiencing some death and rebirth process. This cycle of death and rebirth can be physical , emotional or spiritual, and is often a sign that the soul is ready to enter the role of shaman.

In many ways, shamans are energy healers who also have the gift of mediumship and herbalism, but usually their experience is learned from the spirit world, not a textbook.

Yes, the term Shaman translates to “he who knows.”

Shamanism has evolved through many cultures, similar to witch doctors, energy healers, and alternative medicine practitioners.

But since this form of healing was rejected for so long and witches were burned on the stake, a once common practice has now become “alternative” and largely forgotten.

It is believed that once you have been initiated in one life as a Shaman, you are destined to come back to impart some of your experience in subsequent lives.

You may have worked in a previous life as an apprentice or building up to your initiation as a shaman, and it may be part of your calling in this life to finally enter your role.

If any of this resonates with you, there are 7 more signs your inner shaman may awaken: