7 synchronizations and why should you not ignore them!

Sometimes it’s very rare, but also a snapshot of our senses. Okay, this world… our world is not perfect. Although most of the things on Earth are designed to persuade us that the only reality is the material world, we know so much more at other times. This is the time of the Divine Awakening, the synchronizations!

Carl Jung and Synchronization.

Synchronicity, first proposed by cognitive psychologist Carl Jung, is a theory that claims that events are “meaningful coincidences” when they do not happen without a causal relationship.

3 Reasons Why NOT Ignoring Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the moment when our Self tries to make a magic connection! It’s the time when our sacred nature is finally noticed.

If so, our cells and our astral bodies are aligned with the world and therefore, for us and for our lives they transmit very important messages. We can’t receive messages differently.

It’s an opportunity doorway. Perhaps this sensation is very strong when we have synchronizations. It curves to give us time to act and interact.

When we ignore them, they don’t often occur. This signal should be centered to maximize its effect!

Let’s get to the chase, then. What are the most common and best synchronizations?