7 Signs You know someone from a lifetime

1 : Overwhelming Emotions

You have had many experiences in your past life that have connected you to that person. A classic indication, You know someone from a past life, is that a wave of emotions hit you. You felt it? You knew it? You can’t describe that alone. This isn’t that in him / her you’re … it’s … karmic!

2 : Meet under ‘Karmic’ circumstances

When you meet someone from a past life, nothing is natural. All feels at the same moment that it was meant to be like that. This man’s an ancient knowledge driver. Here is your past life to remind you of what you might have forgotten.

This person can unforeseenly come into your life in a chat room, following a car accident, or while in a hospital, etc. Look out for the landscape. You would have to say a lot about why this person came back.