5 tips for restoring your confidence in ‘ magic ‘

2. Look at life as art.

Look at life deeply; you can’t see beauty instantly at times.

3. Connect with your highest self, your divine spark.

Usually, things do not go well when you are not linked to your higher self. In your life, you could do a lot, but still, feel empty from within. Link to your higher self to be the best version.

4. Don’t push too hard.

Existence doesn’t just mean the greatest effort. You need to go with the stream occasionally. When things go wrong, think about yourself as when you float in a calm sea, slowly and smoothly downstream. Relax and refresh the skin.

5. Remember that magic is in the details.

It’s not always the best occurrence which is exciting for you. A beautiful flying butterfly is a magic. A Monday morning’s first taste of coffee is magical. Your loved ones warm hug is magic. It’s in the details, try and find it.

Search for it inside when you don’t find the beauty outside.

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