35+ Human actions unconsciously bends psychological reality

1. You dream during day  about 30 % of the time

Do you always read a single phrase just to see what it is trying to say? This is why 30% of our time is spent dreaming and thinking about memories. It’s time consuming not to work on main tasks.

2. You will be motivated when you think about progress

We may easily be inspired by only thinking that a certain mission or goal is progressing. In fact, you can encourage yourself to move forward to achieve your targets more quickly by thinking you have made some progress.

3. More than 150 relationships can not be maintained

It’s hard to have relationships. Now think 150 useful relations will be preserved. Okay? Regardless of how many social media friends you have, we can’t maintain more than 150 social ties in real life at any time. This is called the number of Dunbar.