3 Good Tips To Be More Unfuckwithable

Events are going to go wrong. That’s just it. That doesn’t mean that in the corner you have to run and scream. Now you can burn the dark and conquer the crap. You just have to be rude.

The universe is a mess and in the center of everything if you try to do things properly.

And life begins to fuck. Take your dreams together. Your plans. Let it down to you. Throwing your face with a beer.

Life is not only life but also people. Yes, real people, who come with their thoughts and plans and who are not respectful when they tell you how to do things, or where to go wrong.

It’s not fair. It’s not fair.

And it wouldn’t be perfect, if life starts messing with you, to be a little more …

A bit more robust. A little less weak. A lot more trustworthy. And instead, instead of making the feeling of obstacle after obstacle, you might do more of what you want.

Oh, today is your lucky day because you can be fuckerless in five respects, from now on.