13 Characteristics of a real empath

Mateo Sol describes beautifully who an empath is. He describes empath as an incredible being of great depth, knowledge, and compassion. He also said he is a founder, a pioneer for humanity, and a model to be compassionate and strong for others. “They have already within them all the strength and love they want, waiting to be revealed.”

The empath is fundamentally distinct from an empathic human. And though empathy is “the practice of knowing one’s emotions, feelings, and situation from the point of view of another person” as Dr. Judith Orloff, author of The Empath’s Survival Guide, describes in an article by YourTango, Empathy is not just an individual empathetic to others; rather, it is also very sensitive souls who often act distinctly as sponge-absorbing fear

Have you ever felt an instant mental connection with a stranger? Have you met strangers who have no reason at all to trust you with their data but who reveal everything to you? Have you noticed people dropping their battle stories? You may be an interpretation of the answers to these questions are “yes.” You’re about to find out if you don’t know the term and wonder what empathy means.

This is a collection of 13 traits which a true empathy has:

These are innate and not acquired characteristics. Either you’re a fellow or not.