11 Spirits Animal Guides are visiting you during your awakening period

From numbers to songs, the universe decides to communicate to us in many ways. In ancient times, individuals thought that the Universe used the animals. When they saw distinct animals and insects in the globe around them, they started to notice certain events.

Animals have also been regarded as guides. And with the turn of the earth, these messengers of animals were coming forth to bring news of the cities or the spiritual realm. Below you can find a list of the animal guides I most often noticed during my awakening. Everybody is distinct, as I always say. So please leave your message in the comments below if you notice others. You never understand who or how they help.

Spirit animals refer to a spirit which helps guide an individual on a voyage and whose attributes the individual shares or embodies, in certain spiritual communities or traditions. It’s also an often humorous metaphor for someone, or something, with or admiring an individual. The ancient notion of animal guides, especially in some native Americans, is particularly prominent. Spirit animal has been increasingly used to ironically imply that someone or something is appreciated or identified.

Our spirit animal leads us along our life journey and shows us how we can find the answers to the question of life. It shares a connection with the individual with whom it is connected, based on the traits of both. It’s your power and bravery if, for instance, you have a lion-like an animal of your spirit. On the other hand, a hummingbird symbolizes the peaceful nature of a person seeking the good in life even in the darkest.

List Of 11 Common Animal Guides  :