Pumpkin carving ideas are so much better than girls. These 11 Exclusive Pumpkin Carving Ideas make your house the best stop this year!

Now that October has arrived, I am somehow obsessed with Halloween.

I can not wait for a Tootsie Pop Trick or Treat door wreath.

We also use it for Halloween night treats, making little ghouls pull a pop that they love not understanding the wreath is more than mere decor.

I am thinking about Halloween food and drink recipes and I am ready to take down our bins to spook our house and porch.

These 11 Exclusive Pumpkin Carving Ideas will definitely take up your Halloween game!

We enjoy going to a traditional October pumpkin farm for carving pumpkins and cooking from scratch.

About four years ago, I discovered a nice farm with a pumpkin patch that is totally non-commercial.

Pumpkins of all types are clustered waiting for nervous Halloween decorators to swoop them and add their best carving ideas.

The different shapes inspire ideas, but nothing like this cool pumpkin carving ideas list!

Despite my holiday fervor, I get into a pumpkin carving rut. I am of old school triangle-eyes-round-mouth jack-o-lantern styling, partly because of my minimal orange orb arena artistic abilities.

Over the past few years, I have seen an amazing online odyssey of pumpkin carving prowess, far beyond my own.

However, there are a few methods that caught my attention turning straightforward pumpkin carving concepts into an eye-catching spectacle.

I wanted to share some great examples of this Halloween from your pumpkin carving box!

Links to most DIY tutorials included.

Besides two wide front teeth, I never carved a toothy Jack-o-Lantern. I do not remove these eyes. These pumpkin carving ideas knock out of the park from jovial whimsical teeth to razor-sharp the-things-nightmares-are-made-of-teeth.