10 things about Tarot cards and reading you didn’t know

  1. Tarot cards have not long been regarded as some sort of fortune-telling tool. Instead, it has been used as a distinctive Tarocchi card game. In the 15th century, Tarocchi was estimated to exist. But Tarot cards first were used for special astrological or divinity ends in the eighteenth century.
  1. There are four Archangels in the Major Arcane, Devil or Uriel, Temperance or Michael, Lovers or Raphael, Judgment, and Gabriel.
  2. Slowly, Tarot designs also enter the fashion world. Fashion giants include the Tarot Design in their special collections, from Dolce & Gabbana to Versace.
  3. Reading Tarot cards isn’t a talent. To read Tarot cards, you don’t have to be a religious individual. It’s easy to know. Your intuition must, however, be active in making the most of it.
  4. Each individual has a Tarot Card, the Major Arcana’s card. And it’s also simple to learn more. Now add the whole date of birth and link it to the card. If you are birthday, for instance: 1/5/2004, 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 12. Now add the numbers 12, 1 + 2=3 and The World and The Empress. It proposes an individual with the energy of a traveler.
  5. For meditation purposes also, you can use tarot cards. Everything you have to do is select, sit, meditate your favorite card. Just imagine the size of the gate your card extends and then go to the imagined card and absorb the energy it produces.
  6. An individual should not purchase his tarot deck whole, according to a false myth. Well, since tarot cards naturally tend to draw a person, this myth is false. Like crystals, you can purchase a whole deck if you are attracted to tarot cards.
  7. The four main elements of the Arcane are the waters as cups, the earth like pentacles, the air as a sword and the fire like walls.
  8. Each card of the Lesser Arkana represents something else: cups are talking about our emotions and the Pentacles are talking about our finances and the homes.
  9. You still have the freedom to push you towards your objectives, however, Tarot Cards take your lives in h

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