10 signs You’re loyal to yourself

How does it feel to live an illusion and then know that you should be just yourself better? Be frank, it is never a nice realization.

Some people end up living in the skin half their lives instead of being who they were meant to be. If not, then?

For much of our childhood, we have been educating ourselves to be the best version – how others want us to do, how others want us. All of these are important to maintain a healthy and appreciable picture in society for social acceptance.

But will we stop hoping, when we muzzle our appeal with society’s hissing rules, that our internal wishes will vaporize? We don’t. We don’t.

And this is when we happily hide our true selves in pretension and farcical bricks.

The saddest thing is that we don’t know why we do this at times. Our intuition points to something that looks like, the dissonance of what we believe and what we follow, but we hesitate and follow the direction our previous generation has paved.

We never have the chance to explore our interests internally. To make matters worse, we learn to associate our accomplishments and failures with those of others, even with stuff that we don’t even care about. This is how we learn to be happy with the interests of other people and sacrifice our true wishes.

These are the 12 signs that you smash traditions and that you are true to yourself: